Purchasing Real Estate?

  • Here is the process, summarized, for buying residential real estate in Arizona.  Commercial property is similar in scope, with notable differences in due diligence, property fundamentals, and financing.  Click here for more details on the purchase process.

Selling Real Estate?

  • We are are full service listing team, and we have Flexible Selling Plans to save you money!  Click here for more details on the selling process.

Buying or Selling Investment Property?

  • Whether you are a novice investor interested in flip properties or perhaps you are seeking an income stream scenario, NNN property, multi-tenant property, or a portfolio of single family homes, we are here to navigate you through the process.  Pursuing a 1031 exchange – no problem – we can represent you throughout the transaction.   Do you have a business for sale with real property included – we can represent that disposition.  Give us a call or send us an email to discuss.